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About Jerk Pit Café & Catering

Here we offer an escape to the beautiful island of Jamaica island via your taste buds.

While here you can escape to the…

  • Lush Jamaican countryside with our flavor filled soups, ox tail, or stews.
  • Warm and inviting seaside with our catch of the day.
  • Colorful small towns and enclaves as you experience our mouth-watering Jerk chicken and Jerk pork.

Jerk Pit Café & Catering provides scrumptious dishes specially prepared for dining, take-out or catering for your special occasions and social functions.

mrs-bevOur family owned and operated restaurant began in 1988 as a food vendor concession stationed outside of the West Indian Social Club of Hartford, in Hartford, CT. A passion and idea to recreate the original Jamaican style smoked jerk pork, a delicacy that no one else was making at the time, became the first of its type. By using a family created jerk recipe (or something, maybe? I basically put the original recipe together) this idea took hold. Beverly Henriques’ (‘Ms. B’ as she was so lovingly called) passions included her love of food and Jamaican culture. She worked tirelessly alongside her family to provide authentic Jamaican cuisine, sustained with all natural ingredients imported directly from Jamaica. Food that was so well received, it led to the birth of her food truck.

The food truck carried jerk all over New England; from festivals to reggae stage shows and concerts. This was the catalyst that resulted in her launching the restaurant and business known today as, Jerk Pit Café located at 2940 Main St Hartford, CT 06120. The Jerk Pit is now the most renown and favorite of people from all over the tri-state area.

Throughout the 1980’s, 90’s, and into the 21st century, Jerk Pit has remained a staple in the community, standing up to its legacy even after Ms. B’s peacefully departed this world in September of 2015. Her children (Natalia, Mischa, and Michael) have continued to build on her legacy and in her memory have expanded the business to include a larger dine-in area and banquet room.

Our restaurant’s Philosophy has always been simple, ‘Eat what you love; Love what you eat’.

Come by and eat; no need to bring your passport. Try something new or delve into a favorite bona fide plate of something you’re familiar with, while you escape to the warm and sunny island vibe.

From our family to yours we welcome you to Jerk Pit Café & Catering.

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